Why going to church is important

One of the many duties of a Christian believer is serving the Lord regularly inside the church. While it seems to be so very easy to devote one or two hours of your life once in a week, many people still find it hard to complete their church attendance every year.

This is quite understandable because of their personal reasons. While some people can actually go to church without any issues, there are people whose church attendance is being hindered by personal reasons such as family errands, education and for some, most importantly, their jobs. There are companies that still resume office even during Sundays. This is reasonable and something to be considered. But what is the importance of being present in church masses all the time?

While going to church teaches you the word of the Lord, it is still important to attend the mass because you have to show up to your God. The church teaches us that God is the Father. And even your father would not agree if he will not see you even once a week. Our fathers want to see us no matter how or no matter why. That is the same with the Lord. Showing up to Him would make Him happy just like any parent.

Another reason is that you have to receive the blessings of the Lord every time you would be inside the church. After all, receiving his blessings is really important. You would not be able to actually receive it if you are going to just listen via live streaming or read via Facebook pages that post the daily words of the Lord. Get yourself moving.

Most importantly, going to the church is not just about reconnecting you to the altar inside the church. It is also about reconnecting yourself with the people who are one with your faith and belief as you share the same Lord.