Not I But Christ is a strong community founded by faithful Christian followers. Our mission is to spread the word of the Lord and to share the teachings of Christ with our fellow Christians. Not I But Christ serves as a platform where Christians can relive their spirit and love to the church.

Founded 10 years, ago, Not I But Christ aims to help church goers to be active in participating to the events organized by the church for them. We would also like to help them build a strong relationship with other people in the church. We would also like them to develop a strong bond and faith to the church itself and not only to the religion. Most of all, we want our members to develop their strong faith to Christ as they realize that Jesus and the Lord are the ones in control. We want them to lift up their worries and start believing with what Jesus Christ can do to their lives.

Powered by faithful preachers and leaders, Not I But Christ wants to build a harmonious relationship with its readers, Christians or non-Christians. As much as possible, we want everyone to benefit from what we are doing and what we are preaching. We want non-Christians to open their hearts and see the blessings of the Lord themselves. We want to share with them the guidance and love that our faith is bringing upon our lives.

With this, we make sure that our website would be accessible for everybody. We want them to read our materials and our blogs about how we witnessed the blessings and the guidance of the Lord in our lives. As much as possible, we want to share with them the important teachings of the church which we thing would greatly help in putting order upon their lives.